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Best Impressions have a reputation for quality and that is why we deal with the very best companies. For Hot Tubs / Spas we use Beachcomber and Garden Leisure spas, the number one choices.
Beachcomber has been concerned about environmental stewardship from the start. Their beginnings on the Pacific West coast gave them the love for the natural rainforest and our pristine environment.

The Green Hot Tub

There's a lot of talk these days about green products. A Beachcomber hot tub is "green", with special initiatives that are built into their products to make them enjoyable and energy efficient. They continue to innovate their technology to bring you the safest, most efficient hot tub you can buy, as well as making sure that the day to day running of their business is environmentally responsible.

The Health Benefits

In mere moments, you feel noticeably better when relaxing in your spa. And it’s not surprising, because you’re continuing a tradition started thousands of years ago when people first found comfort in natural, hot mineral springs. Today’s version of this rejuvenating tradition is called Hydrotherapy. It consists of three elements: buoyancy, heat and massage.

Since your body is only about one-tenth its weight in water, your muscles and ligaments can relax because they’re not supporting your normal weight. The heat and massage stimulate your blood circulation, bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to soothe your tired, aching muscles.

When you come home to your spa, you find a place for relaxation and reconnection with friends and family. You also find comfort knowing that hot water therapy has proven health benefits. Whether you seek stress relief from a chaotic day, muscle relief after a hard workout, help getting a good night’s sleep, or the beneficial effects of hydrotherapy for stiff joints and poor circulation. So relax and feel better instantly - anytime.

Find Stress Relief in your Spa. Don’t let the stress of daily life bog you down. Join the health routine of thousands of spa owners – take just a few moments each day to relax in your spa. Soaking eases away the day’s stress, and is easy to do in a spa. Just sit back and begin to relax in the warm soothing water. Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Soaking in your Spa. For centuries, warm-water therapy has proved effective in relieving a number of ailments. It’s particularly beneficial when it comes to restful sleep. So, if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, try soaking in your new spa. It’s a great way to transition from a hectic day into a peaceful and relaxing night.

Hot Tub Therapy Provides Arthritis Relief Relaxing in a spa can assist in alleviating the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. The heat and buoyancy create a helpful environment for relieving stiff joints while improving the body’s range of motion.

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